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General strategies of theory and technological expansion in the field of antenna system with electron beam steering


A.I. Sinani – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Deputy General Director, Main Product Engineer, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region)

JSC «NIIP» is the leader of Russian military-industrial complex in the field of fighter jet weapons control systems and medium-range air defense systems development. Key feature of these systems is use of antenna systems with electronic beam-steering. Strong team of researchers and developers created deep design development base, gathered wide experience in development of air-borne phased array antenna, and continuously improve technique and technology of antennas with electronic beam-steering. Passive electronically scanned array are successfully applied in weapons control system «Zaslon», medium range air defense systems «BUK», «Bars», «Osa», «Irbis». Antenna complex «Super Scat» has next to technologically feasible characteristics. Research near-term perspective lies in the sphere of X- and L-band AESA engineering. At the present time X-band AESA undergoes tests as a part of antenna unit of T 50 object. Preliminary test results validate design and technological concepts.
May 29, 2020

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