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Airborne geographic information systems for air defense system command center appliance


V.A. Vakhnenko – Head of Department, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) A.V. Vodilov – Engineer, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) P.A. Matveev – Engineer, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) V.I. Sokiran – Head of Department, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region)

The article studies appliance of an et-route satellite navigation module that is designed to be used with GPS/GLONASS systems. Nowadays satellite navigation systems that use GPS/GLONASS become more and more widespread. Any modern Air-defense system Command Center must be equipped with one of these satellite systems to achieve efficient implementation of assigned missions. To provide correct operating of the navigation module it is necessary to set up Geoinformation system (GIS) application. Appliance of GIS-application and lap-top as a work-station allows personnel of an Air-defense system Command Center to conduct calculation and navigation missions, helps to choose positions according to terrain features and great-circle rout, display objects and stations points with a snap to ground maps, get territory data (soil type and nature, roads etc.), populated areas presence, water basins and other objects.


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May 29, 2020

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