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Dual spectrum electro optical systems for mobile medium range air defense systems upgrade


© Radiotekhnika, 2015 E.A. Pigin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Main Product Engineer, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) A.S. Kopytin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Department – Main Product Engineer, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region)

Equipment of Air defense systems with search, search-and-track and track electro-optical systems must be done with allowance for the system’s structure, it’s task character, conventional posture and possibility of performance characteristics securing. If multi-target regime is required and multiple weapon delivery is needed, it is advisable to implement the Air-defense system with electro-optical systems of different type. Search-and-track systems provide search and tracking of several air targets in a given field of search, as well as guided missile fire control functions. To obtain data on target range, automatic precision guidance and laser illumination, embedded laser long-range surveillance scope must be implemented.
May 29, 2020

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