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Adaptive optimal processing of the radar signal reflected from the man


V.A. Fedorov – Associate Professor, Department of Radio Receiving Devices, «National Research University «MPEI» (Moscow). E-mail: T.G. Timasheva – Engineer, JSC «Distant Radiocommunication SRI» (Moscow) A.V. Borisov – Leading Programmer, «L-Card» (Moscow)

Millimeter-wave radar signal reflected from the people, contains several Doppler component, the source of which are micromovings surface areas in the irradiated site. The most accessible of them to explore using radar signals are generated by functions of breathing and heart rhythm. Measuring of instantaneous frequency of heart rhythm allows you to build rhythmogram heart. Rhythmogram heart is the dependence of the successive values of durations cardio cycle (RR-intervals) from time to time in the process of continuous measurement. With standard filtering signals of the pulse and respiration are separated. However, in the narrow band spectrum of the basic harmonic signal rhythm of the heart is the hindrance, the remaining filtering of the signal of breath («noise»), and the intrinsic noise of the receiver radar (background noise). These noises are additive Gaussian. The narrow strip of the basic harmonic pulse noises can be considered equivalent to a white noise. With this assumption lawfully use methods of optimal filtering and the matched filter. The role of the matched filter in the work of the algorithm performs «mask», described in the text. Experimental testing of the algorithm «mask» proved the efficiency of this method of measuring the instantaneous frequency of heart rhythm and built on the results of measurements in real time rhythmogram heart.


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