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The role and place of technology of automated complexes design of automation facilities control centers in the process of automated management-information systems creation


A.V. Konev – Ph. D. (Eng.), Deputy General Director for Science, JSC «Concern «Automation». E-mail: A.F. Kuz'minskii – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Director of JSC «National Bureau of radio engineering» (Moscow). E-mail: Yu.V. Yurkin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Research Division 2, JSC «Concern «Automation». E-mail:

The stages of automated management-information systems (AMIC) creation with application of automated structural-parametric designing complexes of automation facilities (CAF) technology are listed. It is noted that the methodology of the equipment control centers (CC) is determined by the heterogeneity of the CAF, which form the basis special purpose AMIC. A general algorithm of AMIC creation with application of automated designing CAF technology is proposed. Design CAF and actually develop RKD it with the letter «O1» is based on the original data prepared by the customer (user) for a particular control center (series of similar points). In this case, the source data for the CAF should correlate with the parameters (characteristics) AMIC. The CAF design process is performed using the databases of hardware-software complex (HSC AP). The stages of execution works for automated designing CAF are considered. A general algorithm of automated CAF design is proposed.


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