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Creation and operation algorithm of a radio-frequency line based on MIMO-technology on the basis of the adaptive phased antenna array


S.A. Bukashkin – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Member of Russian Cryptography Academy, General Director JSC «Concern «Automation». E-mail: A.V. Ogloblin – Deputy Commander of Military Unit. E-mail: D.S. Shishkin – Leading конструктор, JSC «Concern «Automation». E-mail:

To the modern transceiving systems, especially military, increased requirements are imposed, high reliability of the connection established radio-frequency lines and high data transmission rate in unfavorable, from the point of view of noises, conditions are basic of which. Applying the MIMO technology (Multiple Input Multiple Output) on the basis of the adaptive phased antenna arrays the reception-transmission is possible to create the fully automatic system realizing very reliable radio-frequency line of communication by the organization of two independent channels. Using two-parameter spatial-frequency adaptation independent for each channel it is possible to organize a radio-frequency line with reservation of the channel a reception-transmission. Mutual adaptation of a reception and transferring the phased antenna arrays allows to receive the most effective, from the point of view of optimality criterion (in our case of the smallest quantity of errors in the accepted signal), a radio-frequency line. Using coding of the transmitted signal the noiseproof, noise-type pseudorandom code sequences, different for each channel having the smallest value of cross-correlation function in case of operation of channels at one frequency, and also the smallest value of an autocorrelation function it is possible to avoid cross impact of channels and effect of the intersymbol interference on the receiving side. This system is capable to adapt in the conditions of a bad radio environment, taking into account features of the route of distribution, with continuous search of optimum frequency and the direction of the direction characteristic without extinction of data transfer on adjacent channel. This system can find application not only as a part of center (basic) stations, but also in a bigger measure as a part of a special mobile radio communication.


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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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