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Foundations of development standard laboriousness of research and development of special communications equipment in research business


V.V. Badalov – Head of Planning and Coordination bureau of SPC, JSC «Concern «Automation». E-mail: E.A. Buzova – Deputy Head of Department, JSC «Concern «Automation». E-mail: A.V. Vlasenko – Deputy General Director in charge of Economics, JSC «Concern «Automation» V.A. Nagornov – Head of Department of Business Operation Coordination – Head of Labor and Wages Department, JSC «Concern «Automation». E-mail: N.A. Nosov – Ph. D. (Eng.), First Deputy Head of Department of Radio System STC , JSC «Concern «Automation». E-mail:

Technological solutions cost forecast generation problem is typical for a special class of innovation businesses, which are named research business in this article. Research business is a business that mainly does scientific, scientific and technological, research and production work geared towards creating scientific, technological and industrial innovations, including creating intellectual property, development and adoption of technical and technological innovations, conducting associated research, experimental design, front-end engineering, construction and installation, commission activities, production, author’s techsupport during lifecycle as well as providing scientific and technological services. Under the circumstances of economic independence and proactiveness of goal setting of solving scientific research, technological problems as well as increased governmental control research business encounter difficulties during approval and substantiating job volumes and costs. Scientific, engineering, technical and technological as well as organizational complexities of work performed and developed and modernized equipment and its parts make it hard to estimate laboriousness, especially when conducting innovative R&D aimed to develop equipment that has no counterparts. In order to find out laboriousness during feasibility studies, calculating price limit, norm setting of planned work, substantiation of prices and volumes research businesses must have an option to use valid regulatory documents (henceforth Standards) that take into account all classification of developed special communications equipment, formalizing substantiation of laboriousness and setting common approach to pricing and providing corresponding techno-economic materials. In this article main foundations of development, content and procedures of Standards are defined. Common approach to substantiating norm laboriousness for any customer would allow optimization, which is important under market conditions; feasibility studies costs and economic personnel pool.


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