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Neuroscience and neurocomputing for medicine and neural psychology


E. V. Loseva – Dr.Sc. (Biol.), Principal Research Scientist, Laboratory of Functional Neurocytology, Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of RAS (Moscow, Russia), President of the Congress. E-mail: A. V. Savelyev –Senior Research Scientist, Deputy Editor in Chief of the Journal «Neurocomputers: develop-ment, application», «Radio Engineering» Publisher (Moscow). E-mail:

This paper is the analytical review of the participants articles of the X International Interdisciplinary Congress «Neuroscience for Medicine and Psychology» (212 June 2014, Sudak, Crimea, Russia) in the directions of biological and psychophysiological neural medicine is published in the journal issue. Inter-disciplinarity of most articles makes them interesting for a wide range of scientists in various fields of neuroscience – from neurobiology to information sciences and engineering. It is shown that the interaction of professionals working in the fields of neurobiology, psychophysiology and neurocomputing are important extremely in the information society era to improve population neural health. The new knowledge in this sciences may be of interest to technical specialists for the development of medical therapeutic, diagnostic and auxiliary equipment of the new generation.


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