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Method of formation of the program of work of the target spacecraft equipment using visualization


A.A. Gubanov – Engineer, NPO Lavochkin (Moscow). E-mail: M.V. Pirogov – Ph. D. (Phys.-Math.), Head of Sector, NPO Lavochkin (Moscow). E-mail: N.N. Pleshchev – Engineer, NPO Lavochkin (Moscow). E-mail: V.V. Rozhkov – Head of Department, NPO Lavochkin (Moscow). E-mail:

The tasks of the life cycle of space systems have a strong tendency to complication. Automation tasks of space systems become more complex as well. At the same time there is a rapid development of software and hardware. This development makes available not only new opportunities but also leads to new problems connected with the study and application of software and hardware. More and more software applications for automation of space systems are created. Both positive and negative experience of creation and operation of these software applications is stored. The value of software and hardware in space systems and other complex systems increases. At the same time, remain, in general, the unresolved problem of reliable verification of software and hardware, and the task of ensuring fault tolerance of such funds. These circumstances, directly or indirectly, lead to diverse and significant losses. (We must remember the important and increasing role of software and hardware in complex systems!) Task automation of target equipment belonging to the spacecraft is considered. In modern conditions for the successful solution of this problem, it is necessary to systematically and continuously work to develop new methods for solving applied problems of space systems involving the use of software and hardware. More broadly, there is significant need to develop new technologies in the field of computer science, programming and software engineering. These technologies should be directly focused on the problems of complex systems, which certainly include space systems. May work in this area will lead to the creation of a new single technology solving of tasks for wide class of complex systems. The paper studies new method of formation of the program of work of the target spacecraft equipment. The essential feature of this method is an important role assigned to visualization the problem area. The task work planning target equipment is a central task for Automated Complex of Planning and Control (ACPC). The article analyses the corresponding problem area. We consider the regimes and restrictions that must be used and taken into account when planning. The problem of information system safety (ISS-problem) formulated by A.V. Chechkin, is considered. This problem is seen as a key issue for complex systems. To ensure the ISS complex system requires its intellectualization. Under the intellectualization is understood, in particular, the ability to successfully operate in abnormal situations. Modern mathematical tools and software are substantial and varied opportunities. At the same time, these funds are not sufficient to ensure the ISS of complex systems. And this is confirmed by the practice. As a basis for the formalization of the considered problem area planning using visualization concept of radical environment is chosen. (This concept was proposed by A.V. Chechkin.) The main provisions of this concept are considered. Special formalism – formalism schemes of radicals – also briefly considered. This is RADICAL – the universal language of informatics. Different representations of schemes of radicals are considered. Indicated a general method («bi-directional method») of solution both standard and non-standard tasks. We consider the fixed assets included in the method taking into account the implementation of the program. The described method can significantly reduce the time to solve applied problems. Method is promising in terms of further automation of problem area planning of target spacecraft equipment.


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