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Promising constructions of the combined lamellar HF and VHF anten-nas in the difficult natural climatic conditions zones


D. A. Antropov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Assistant to Chairman of the Naval Scientific Committee O. Yu. Perfilov – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Deputy General Director in Science, JSC “All-Russia Research Institute “Etalon” (Moscow) V. E. Fidelman – Honored Inventor of RF

The active opening of the northern and other remote regions is conducted in our country and abroad. The remote objects control in the Arctic, Far-Eastern and other regions climatic conditions is realized on the basis of radio channels. The electromagnetic compatibility tasks, the effective use of radio-frequency resource and the antenna high physical protection are become very actually in these conditions. The purpose of this article is the study of the new constructions of the protected lamellar HF and VHF antennas located near the ground for the purpose of their technical characteristics improvement. The antennas technical characteristics improvement is reached by the new additional active and passive elements. The wide application of the protected antennas will make possible to increase the telecommunication systems reliability. The proposed technical solutions of the new constructions of antennas make it possible to increase frequency range 1,5…2 times, in-crease traveling wave ratio by 10–15% (to 0,6…0,75) and increase gain by 10–20%.


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May 29, 2020

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