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The nonthermal conversion of terahertz electromagnetic radiation in context of general thermodynamic laws


Yu.P. Chukova – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math)., Se-nior Research Scientist, Academician of the Russian People’s Academy of Science (RPAS), Head of Department «Public health and ecology safety of RPAS, Direc-tor of the Krasnopresnenskiy Ecological Fund, expert of UNESCOthe Moscow So-ciety of researchers of nature. Krasnopres-nenskiy Ecological Fund. Moscow. Russia. E-mail:

Now experimentalists began to use the terahertz electromagnetic waves in experimental biology and medicine. Unlike the experiment which history is only beginning, the theory of efficiency of nonthermal conversion of such radiation into other kinds of energy has been developed in 70-s' years of the 20th century and published in Russian scientific editions. The paper [1] was published also in a translation into English. The received results interested nobody for a long time, but now they are capable to help to understand the current and future experiments. Difficulties of experiments under terahertz radiation are remarked.


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