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The resolution of the holographic radar planned review of the imaged of the moving surface


A.A. Lavrov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, JSC «Airborne Navigation Systems» (Moscow) E-mail: A.V. Nikonenko – Head of the Research and Test Department, Chief Research and Testing Centre of Robotics of MoD (Moscow) E-mail:

The principle of operation of aviation holographic radar planned review is based on the use of multi-beam antenna system performing without scanning overview wide area in the front sector of the direction of flight of the aircraft, or directly beneath it. To ensure high-resolution synthetic aperture mode is applied. The article considers the resolution of the holographic radar image with a moving surface. It is shown that under the supervision of a fixed surface spatial resolution and is a fraction of a few meters. Resolution along the way is several times higher than the azimuthal resolution. Under the supervision of a moving surface resolution for track range depends on the nature of the velocity distribution on the surface is variable in different regions of the generated image and may increase or decrease by several times.


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