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Changes in water constitutes liquid medium exposed to electromagnetic radiation in the UHF band


A.N. Pavlov – Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Department «Мedical equipment», RMAPE Ministry of Health RF. E-mail:
C.A. Novichkov – Student, Department of Ecology, MTUCI
E.M. Lomakova – Post-graduate Student, Department of Ecology, MTUCI
N.B. Morozova – Dr. Sc. (Pedagog.), Associate Professor, Department «Мedical equipment», RMAPE Ministry of Health RF. E-mail:

In this paper the amplitude-frequency characteristic (AFC ) under the action of electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range 0…300 MHz pure water in comparison with the blood plasma without structural elements; solution for injection ( 13,3% protein albumin and saline 0,9% NaCl) and clean saline. Analyzer was used for measuring the frequency response of the X1 55 with the preset switching analyzer ( AFC heterogeneity when working directly on the switching is ). The experiment was conducted in a quartz ampoule, a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 400 mm ( optical waveguide ). Ampoule sealed with a blank on both sides of the dielectric ( polyacetal ) plugs in the center of which were mounted copper electrodes with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of 80 mm, asking for direct electrical contact with the test liquid. The electrodes were connected to a coaxial cable to the door, and through the local oscillator to the input meter X1 55. Input power of 250 mW, while the optical waveguide in the propagation of electromagnetic fields (EMF) created longitudinal electromagnetic waves ( PEMV ). As shown in [2], in this case the predominant longitudinal mode PEMV E type, in addition, if the binding energy components exceeded the test liquid, it may be structural rearrangements of molecules. However, with a certain degree of confidence, it can be argued that the peaks of the optical transmission frequency response belkovosoderzhaschih liquids at frequencies 170 and 270 MHz, due to intermolecular and intramolecular interaction water component, respectively. Mechanism associated optical transmission peaks on the AFC for all cases require a separate study. The main conclusion of this work is that all biological processes in media with protein origin, uniquely associated with a change in the status of their water component. In essence, the result is a unique value for the disclosure of structural mechanisms ( intermolecular ) rearrangements in water-containing tissues. In particular, studying the impact of the E type PEMV at 270 MHz by changing the conditions of irradiation ( radiation power, exposure duration, recurrence, etc.) can develop a drug-free methods of treatment of various diseases. Besides the above, it can be noted that increasing the electromagnetic effect on the resonant frequencies in the UHF band will lead to increased lymph flow and lymph formation in the «blood – tissue fluid – lymph». The result will be excluded lymph violations taking place for almost all diseases.
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