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Influence of process conditions of magnetron sputtering on the mechanical stresses and surface roughness of molybdenum films


V.N. Zima – Ph.D. (Eng.), Leading Research Scientist, PJSC «ONIIP». E–mail:
T.N. Tanskaya – Junior Research Scientist, PJSC «ONIIP». E–mail:

This paper presents the research results of the dependence of mechanical stresses (σ) and the surface roughness of the molybdenum films on preparation conditions of magnetron sputtering. The molybdenum thin films of thicknesses 0,2…0,75 microns were formed on substrates of glass-ceramic. The conducted investigations indicate that Mo films have compressive mechanical stresses. Their value did not exceed -1 GPa at different parameters of magnetron sputtering. Minimal mechanical stresses were in the Mo films prepared at substrate temperatures of 440-480K, the power density of ≥ 7 W/cm2 and a pressure of argon in the vacuum chamber 0,2…0,26 Pa. The surface roughness of the Mo films was investigated by atomic force microscopy and was evaluated by the standard deviation (Sq). It was established that the standard deviation for Mo films is less than 2 nm. The obtained results will be useful for development of thin-film BAW microwave resonators with Bragg reflector.
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