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Results of experimental research of linearization of HF transmitting channel


I.E. Kashchenko – Engineer-Developer, Deputy Head of NILE, PJSC «ONIIP». E–mail:
A.V. Bogdanov – Head of Department, PJSC «ONIIP». E–mail:

This article presents the results of experimental research of linearization of HF transmitting channel. The experimental system of digital predistortions input is developed by the authors. One of the methods of amplification path creation model on the basis of polynomial system with memory is described in details. On the basis of this model the inverse model for the predistortions input system is designed. Modeling error estimation is made. As well there is presented the experimental system that allows researching the power real amplifiers using the PC and different algorithms of the signal digital processing. Positive results of usage of the polynomial system with memory for linearization of the amplification path of the frequency decameter range are obtained. Research of the system in different signals passing through the systems is made.
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