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Program and imitating modelling of parameters of cold cathodes


I.K. Belova – Ph. D. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Department «Software of the computer, information technologies and applied informatics», Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU. E-mail:
E.O. Deryugina – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU. E-mail:

Subject of research is: the solution of a problem of selection of optimum parameters of the cold cathode by their program modeling. Problem of selection of parameters experimental method too expensive and labor-intensive process. Program and imitating modeling allows to reduce material and time expenditure by researches. In our case the model has to process large volumes of the same formalized information therefore we will use parallel processing. When processing the structured data like lists or massifs probably parallel performance on the generating and using party by means of transfer of part of data in the course of their generation (without expecting all structured data) to the using party. As the convenient description of parallel processing the description of the program based on concept of function (display) approaches. The created software carries out the following functions: 1. The schedule is drawn, then selection of standard function from simple, grouped in a database is approximated and carried out; 2. Experimental selection, with creation of schedules is processed. Analyzes and builds interdependent schedules. 3. For determination of length of the cylindrical cathode the model was created and in the analysis of movement of ions in the charged cylinder in ideal conditions trajectories of their movement are constructed and on the basis of it geometrical parameters of the cold cathode are calculated. Results of modeling are confirmed with experimental data.

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