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Software and hardware system and methods for control of technical state of laser doppler flowmetry monitors


E.A. Zherebtsov – Assistant, Department «Instrumentation, Metrology and Certification», State University – Education-Science-Production Complex, Research Scientist, Scientific-Educational Center «Biomedical Engineering», Oryol. E-mail:
A.V. Dunaev – Ph.D.(Eng.), Assistant Professor, Department «Instrumentation, Metrology and Certification», State University-Education-Science-Production Complex, Leading Research Scientist, Scientific-Educational Center «Biomedical Engineering»", Oryol. E-mail:,

The increasing of level of metrological support is topical issue for many meth-ods of optical non-invasive diagnostics at present time. One of these methods is laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF). The method allows to carry out functional diagnosis of peripheral microcirculation. For today the problem of reproducing values of blood perfusion (indices of microcirculation) and establishing the resulting user-friendly in operation devices (test objects, optical phantoms) for control the technical state of LDF monitors is not quite completely solved. The paper presents a mathematical model of the process of reproducing LDF signal using a vibrating diffusely scattering surface in the direction of the vector collinear propagation of the probe radiation. Based on the proposed approach for constructing test objects for LDF it has designed software and hardware system for control the technical state of LDF monitors. It has been proposed the methods for determining the dynamic error and equality control of input channels of transmission of the difference scheme of LDF devices. These methods allow to check the metrological characteristics of LDF monitors and make conclude about their suitability for use as on a stage of production, and during their exploitation in medical institutions. Developed software and hardware complex and methods of control the technical state of LDF devices allow increase reliability and informativeness of this diagnostic technology.

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