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Hardware-software complex of barbotage detoxication of blood


Yu. A. Ershov – Dr.Sc. (Chem.), Professor, Department «Medical and technical information technology» (BMT-2), Bauman Moscow State Technical University
M. A. Khachaturyan – Ph.D.(Chem.), Аssociate Professor, Сhair of analytical, physical and colloid chemistry, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

In modern in clinical practice widely apply some kinds detoxication (efferent) therapies. These are intracorporal ones: indirect electrochemical oxidation of blood, quantum hemo (a ultra-violet irradiation of blood), intravenous laser therapy, ozone therapy). These are extracorporal ones: hemosorption, plasmapheresis, hemodialysis. Artificial removal of toxins from an organism can be considered as compensation or stimulation of functions of natural detoxication systems: liver monoxydation system (hemosorption, electrochemical oxidation of blood, a ultra-violet irradiation of blood, membrane oxygenation of blood, a ultra-violet irradiation of blood). For removal of low-molecular toxins, in particular, chlorinated hydrocarbons from biological environments, the barbotage blood detoxication method is effective. Foamy air barbotage or the artificial gas mix containing oxygen barbotage, is mass change process which use for blood plasmas extracorporal oxygenation. At strong intoxications, shock conditions etc. in clinical practice will carry out partial replacement of plasma of blood with plasmas replacing solution or enter these solutions in addition. In that case foaming will carry out in the system representing a mix of plasma with plasmas replacing solution. It was of interest to develop the project of hardware-software complex of the control and regulation of barbotage detoxification for removal of chlorinated hydrocarbons from biological liquids. Importance of a detoxification problem in this case is actual in connection with that this class of substances (1, 2-dichlorethane, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride) is characterized by high toxicity at comparative availability to the population. Research of an opportunity of toxic hydrocarbons removing from biological solutions is directly connected to studying conditions of albuminous foams formation, their physical and chemical and colloidal-chemical properties. The purpose of work is the decision of a problem of automation of barbotage blood detoxication system.

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