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Electrodynamic features of a waveguide with semiconductor plate under temperature-electrical nonstability


V.V. Antonov – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Department “Radioelectronics and Telecommunications”, Saratov State Technical University named after Gagarin Yu.A. E mail: Antonov
A.A. Dimitryuk – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Department “Radioelectronics and Telecommunications”, Saratov State Technical University named after Gagarin Yu.A. E-mail:

Process of the creation is considered in work in semiconductor plate, placed in constant magnetic field, lumpy distribution to concentrations of the carriers of the charge by constant electric current. The current, running current through semiconductor sample, warms him to account joule heats. The dependency of the temperature sample from coordinate and importance constant electric and magnetic flap is received on base of the joint decision of the equations of the motion electron and nonlinear equation heat conductivity. The decision is organized with provision for dependencies of the factor heat return from the temperature on border of the semiconductor and parameter abstract surrounding ambiences under different importances of the concentrations admixtures. The incorporated notion of the average temperature on volume of the semiconductor and is shown that relative deflection of the local temperature from average far less units. Under such consideration possible linearization equation heat conductivity and get the dependencies of the average temperature from concentration admixtures and the tension electric and magnetic flap. It is determined functional relationship to concentrations of the carriers of the charge from average temperature. The voltage-current feature (VAH) is built on got dependencies to concentrations of the carriers of the charge and mobilities from average temperature. Two linear areas exist on VAH sample and area to negative differential conductivity. The range to negative differential conductivity greatly depends (NDC) on concentrations admixtures and inductions of the magnetic field. With growing of the inductions of the magnetic field threshold NDC is displaced in area of the greater difference potential on sample. Sharing the temperature and concentrations on coordinate is received direct integration of heat conductivity equations by the Runge–Kutta method. Sharing the temperature and concentrations of the carriers of the charge on coordinate present the nonmonotonic dependency, having maximum in the centre sample and two minimums on his border. Electrodynamics features waveguideв, containing lumpy floor-conductor are researched on base of the equations Maxwell with density of the current, hanging from average concentration of the carriers of the charge. On plate of the lumpy semiconductor falls the electromagnetic wave of the main type of the fluctuations H10 and interacts with carrier of the charge. The plate of the semiconductor completely overlays the section in waveguide tract. Under small difference potential concentration is defined admixture, which is a constant value. The factor of the reflection in given area remains the constant value. With growing of the tension of the electric field in the field of negative differential conductivity average concentration is defined own concentration, which on exhibitor depends on average temperature and sharply increases. The module of the factor of the reflection under NDP semiconductor sharply increases, and his value depends on wavelength of the radiation and concentrations donor admixtures. At reduction wavelength radiations module factor of the reflection decreases, since grows the average concentration and plasma a frequency of the fluctuations of the carriers of the charge. Accordingly with growing of the concentrations admixtures grows and module of the factor of the reflection. The considered regularities enable to use the effect of pinching of current under is have a temperature-electric vagary for making restrictive and controlling device exactly in range above 150 gigahertz.

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