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Problems of concepts coding, description completeness, presence of inconsistencies in SNOMED CT


E.S. Pashkina – Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (Moscow)
T.V. Zarubina – Head of Department, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (Moscow)

Currently nomenclature SNOMED CT is the most comprehensive, multilingual clinical nomenclature in the world. Nomenclature can be used in electronic medical document management, medical information systems, including decision support systems, statistical reporting, health surveillance, health research. The purpose of this article is a further analysis of the publications in the world literature on systematic nomenclature of medical / clinical terms (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine, Clinical Terms - SNOMED CT). The review analyzes the work, not the previously reviewed on coding concepts nomenclature SNOMED CT, completeness various clinical sections, absence of certain concepts in SNOMED CT, the presence of inconsistencies in SNOMED CT. So, Agrawal A., He Z., Perl Y., Wei D., Halper M., Elhanan G., Chen Y., 2013, suggest that by 2015 SNOMED CT will become the U.S. standard for coding diagnoses and lists of problems electronic medical records. In this regard, they examined readiness concepts to SNOMED lists problems for meaningful use of electronic health records, as well as questions about what will require further efforts to ensure the quality of the list of problems. As a result, concluded that the concepts presented a list of issues a little better than the other concepts in the respective hierarchies SNOMED CT in respect of the quality and frequency of primitive concepts of modeling errors. Coding terms and diagnoses using SNOMED CT applied in diabetes [Rollason W., Khunti K., de Lusignan S., 2009], the problem of stroke patients [Van der Kooij J, Goossen WT, Goossen-Baremans AT, de Jong-Fintelman M, van Beek L., 2006]. The papers that compare the display concepts using ICD-10 and SNOMED CT [Vikström A., Nyström M., Ahlfeldt H., Strender LE, Nilsson GH, 2010; Yasini M, Ebrahiminia V, Duclos C, Venot A, Lamy JB., 2013]. Proposes the use of SNOMED CT in conjunction with the Medical dictionary regulatory activities (MedDRA - Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities) to provide information and reporting of adverse drug reactions [Bodenreider O., 2009]. Integration of Russian medical information systems with international systems remains an urgent task Public Health. Therefore transfer systematized nomenclature of medical / clinical terms is important and necessary. More real than just translate, since the volume defined by specific projects within the framework of the national program.

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