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On the concept of portal «Medical science»


G.S. Lebedev – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Deputy Director of Information Technology, Central Research Institute of the Health Organization and Informatics, Health Ministry of Russia
V.V. Maksakov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Head of the development and implementation of the portal «Medical science», Central Research Institute of the Health Organization and Informatics Health Ministry of Russia

In recent years, all over the world are rapidly developing a variety of information systems that provide collective work, as in the frames of some professional groups, united belonging to the same administrative and financial system (enterprise systems), as well as within the group, combining an arbitrary joint objectives (social systems). In parallel, information and communication capabilities of the Internet: increasing computational power of computers, the capacity of computer networks, improved cloud technologies and parallel processing technology. All this contributes to the involvement of more and more people in the "virtual life" by turning their computer, tablet and smartphone into a permanent and an integral part of life and professional activity. Medical science, as a corporate and social system at the same time, to enhance self-efficacy, can not use the provided power of modern information and communication technologies. It is therefore highly relevant is the creation and implementation of the portal "Medical science". The purpose of the creation and implementation of the portal "Medical science" in information and telecommunications network is the Internet: the exchange of relevant scientific information; formation of a common intellectual space in the field of scientific and medical research; promotion of scientific cooperation, discuss problems and results of R & D (research and development), as well as providing access to electronic analytical databases. To achieve these goals, developed and implemented portal "Medical Science" provides: 1 Single point of entry, with a developed system of authority for access to various resources. 2 The ability to exchange information via e-mail, forums, blogs, social networks. 3 Collaboration through conferences, implemented in the form of instant messaging, video conferencing, etc. 4 Single repository of documents, with the possibility of the search, collective processing by means of Microsoft Office, the so-called wiki-technology. 5 Features data collection and processing, including the description of the forms of input, storage database analysis. In the filling of the portal, the organization of collective intellectual activity will participate medical research institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Health of Russia, Federal Medical-Biological Agency, Academy of Medical Sciences (or its successor), and any other interested individuals and legal entities.

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