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The distribution of energy of multitone jamming spectrum components while jamming MFSK-based channels


A.V. Petrov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Senior Lecturer of Chair of Military Education-Research Center of Military Air Forces «Military Aviation Academy named for prof. N.E. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin» (Voronezh)

For the purpose of jamming MFSK-based communication channels, given the known symbol frequencies, a multitone jamming can be used when the possibility to provide the excess of jamming power over signal power at the receiver input is unavailable. The average symbol-error probability for a MFSK signal depends on the number of multitone jamming components and distribution of available jamming power with tones. It has been shown that the maximum symbol-error probability can be obtained by redistribution of energy between jamming components and by change of the number of components in relation to the jamming-to-signal ratio (JSR). The results obtained indicate that it is reasonable to emit jamming on two or more symbol frequencies. When jamming is emitted on two frequencies its power is distributed among components evenly. When jamming is emitted on three or more frequencies the power of one jamming component is greater than the power of the rest and increases with increasing JSR at the receiver input. The power of the other jamming components is about the same and decreases as the JSR at the receiver input increases. Dependencies of the error-symbol probability upon the number and power of multitione jamming components also permit solving a problem of defining the number of components in multitone jamming spectrum.

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