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Energy characteristics of the selenium ion laser transitions under the pulse excitation


A.V.Ryazanov – Post-graduate Student, Department of Quantum Radiophysics, Southern Federal University. E-mail:
I.G.Ivanov – Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Department of Quantum Radiophysics, Southern Federal University. E-mail:

Using a method of mathematical simulation the optimal pumping parameters, as well as gain and specific output power on 16 laser ion quantum transitions of selenium in the wavelengths range of 460…653 nm, excited both in a positive column of the pulsed longitudinal gas discharge and in a negative glow of the pulsed transverse hollow cathode discharge in mixture of selenium vapors and of helium, are calculated. The upper levels of laser transitions in gas-discharge plasma excited by the asymmetrical charge-transfer reaction in collisions of helium ions and selenium atoms. Calculations were carried out for the plasma parameters of typical for a both types of discharge with microsecond duration of current pulses. It is important that in model for calculation of specific laser output power the experimental data of the specific electric power entered into the discharge in a pulse mode were used. The offered method of pulsed pumping led to increase of energetic parameters of lasing, i.e. the values of total specific power on all transitions were 143 mW per ccm in the pulsed longitudinal discharge and 310 mW per ccm in a pulsed hollow cathode discharge. These parameters considerably exceeded the parameters reached in known modes of pumping.

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