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Control of scattering characteristics of cylindrical microstrip array antennas on anisotropic substrate


A.I. Semenikhin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Professor, Department of antenna and radio transmitting equipment, Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don). Е-mail:
D.V. Semenikhina – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Department of antenna and radio transmitting equipment, Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don). Е-mail:

The cylindrical microstrip phased antenna array (MPAA) belong to the class of convex arrays and possess a series of advantages, characteristic, both for cylindrical arrays generally, and for the microstrip arrays, in particular. They are distinguished by simplicity and technological effectiveness of construction, the low cost, convenient integration with other components. They allow to expand a scanning sector (without change of width and the ray form), to reduce reciprocal relationship between elements of an array and find application in telecommunication systems of a wire less communication, navigation, in airborne antennas of different aircraft. In article electrodynamic models of the cylindrical MPAA of the X-band consisting of the microstrip radiators (MR) on a thin suspended anisotropic substrate are considered. The cylindrical shell of an antenna array has diameter of 80 mm. Each MR of a array represents rectangular ring radiating strips and small feeding strips with a weak capacitive coupling and a coaxial feed (50 Ohms). The thin anisotropic substrate of each MR has thickness of 0.5 mm, dielectric permittivity of e = 15 and a tensor of magnetic conductivity with the nonzero components m11 = 1, m22 = 1, m33 = 7. MPAA includes 10 semi-ring grids (sections); in each of them is on 8 MR. The feed network of MPAA consists of complex-weighing devises, the high-frequency combiner and creates the single-beam radiation pattern. Numerically radiation and scattering characteristics MPAA are investigated. Possibilities of control by scattering characteristics of «MPAA-cylinder» system by means of switching of states of its passive reciprocal feed network (FN) are shown. Methods of phase control of scattering characteristics of «MPAA-cylinder» system by means of switching of states of its passive reciprocal feed network (FN) are considered. The greatest angular sector (±120°) RCS changes (3−25 dB) is observed when switching phase states of FN of completely matched MPAA when its processor realizes space-time addressing of the MPAA elements as in a scan mode. Use of one shifter in load of the general tract of MPAA controls RCS in less wide azimuthal sectors of a scattering angular. The work performed at the Share Scientific Center «Applied Electrodynamics and antenna measurements», Southern Federal University, Russia.

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