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Analysis from positions of spin electronics of the nonlinear phenomenons and processes in 2 D thing films ferromagnetic structures under the influence of external magnetic fields of various intensity


G.P. Sinyavsky – Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Academician of RANS, Head of Department of Applied Electrodynamics and Computer Simulation, Faculty of Physics, Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don). E-mail:;
L.V. Cherkesova – Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Informatics and Computer Engineering, Don State Technical University. E-mail:;
G.N. Shalamov – Leading Engineer, Rostov-na-Donu Research Institute of Radiocommunication, Candidate for a Degree, Department of Applied Electrodynamics and Computer Simulation, Faculty of Physics, Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don). E-mail:; digital–

This article is devoted to consideration of questions arising in connection with development of spintronics, concerning the nonlinear phenomena and the effects connected with parametrical resonance in ferromagnetic materials of radio-electronic equipment at influence of strong external magnetic fields. For creation of functional radioelectronics devices, using of ferrite in the form of thin magnetic films is the most perspective decision. Such film, at certain thickness, becomes one-domain. In this case, the main process of magnetic reversal is uniform rotation when the magnetic moments at the same time turn in the direction of magnetic field. In the course of magnetization of thin film steady cylindrical magnetic domains – «magnetic bubbles» are formed. These processes are of interest to creation new logical and memories devices. The process of excitement of spin wave as creation of the magnetic wave extending on film is considered. The spin magnetostatic wave (MSW) can serve as a pumping for the resonant contours formed in the course of a ferromagnetic, anti-ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic resonance. The magnetic resonance, nuclear and electronic, arises at interaction of electromagnetic field with the magnetic moments of crystal with certain frequencies. Thus, at influence of external magnetic fields of various intensity, take place resonant absorption by ferromagnetic the energy of electromagnetic field. Typical material of radioelectronic equipment for the devices working by the principle of distribution of magnetostatic waves is the ferrite film of the iron-yttrium garnet which has been epitaxially grown up on a substrate of gallium-gadolinium garnet. Experimental investigations revealed the mechanisms of nonlinear wave processes in ferrite films, at various frequencies of microwave and terahertz diapasons. Conditions of parametrical excitement of spin waves are investigated, threshold values of microwave signals, depending from parameters films are found. The model of the one-domain magnon crystal representing periodic structure is considered. As at distribution of superficial magnetostatic waves the field of own wave is concentrated inside ferrite film, Floquet's periodic boundary conditions were considered. For the corroboration of calculation methodic of MSW in the one-dimensional magnetic crystals the method of final elements describing distribution of magnetostatic waves in these crystals is used, and the four first branches of dispersive curve were calculated and comparison of settlement data with experimental data was carried out. Important component of researches within a primitive cell of iron-yttrium garnet (IYG) is spatial distribution of tensity of electric and magnetic fields that pro-motes to investigation of qualitative picture of occurring processes. The modulation instability leads to various effects which include self-modulation and self-focusing of magnetostatic wave and possibility of wave’s formation of stationary profile, in particular, solitons of bending-around MSW, whose evolution is described by Schrödinger’s nonlinear equation. It is established that in multilayered magneto-coherent structures the dynamic properties of spin subsystem is significantly change; and new types of spin-wave excitation are realized. Due to change communication the possibilities of management signal are provided. The described effect allows carrying out the switching of high power signal between magnetic films, to similarly nonlinear switches of optical signals. The phenomenon of gigantic magnetoresistance arising at injecting of electrons through the boundary of the division of ferromagnetic layers, being high-frequency analog of magneto-refractive effect is considered. Among new perspective ferromagnetic materials multiferroics takes a special place that of interest to spintronics, the microwave-electronics and photonics. One of the most demanded multiferroics types are the magneto-ordered structures of toroidal type. Considering the high complexity of creation of frequency of magnetic properties in crystals, it is offered to use unique properties of fractal structures among which the leading role belongs to large-scale invariance. Numerical modeling of fractal structures showed that the fractal of N order has N resonances, and each resonance is defined by current of pumping excitement in the carrying-out lines of a certain order which flows in the direction to structures of higher order. The analysis of the considered processes and the phenomena in thin-film ferromagnetic materials shows that it is possible to modeling all these phenomena by means of the generalized mathematical model. The phenomenon of integrated modulation of element dynamic parameter of is investigated; being that at excess by external influence of boundary value of a linear mode the depth of parameter modulation increases and strives for limit value. After carrying out the analysis of the nonlinear phenomena and processes in thin-film ferro-structures at influence of intensive external fields, is unambiguously drawn the conclusion on possibility of implementation of the resonant schemes constructed on the basis of nonlinear parametrical zonal systems, working at ultraharmonics in the highest zones of oscillations instability in the microwave and terahertz diapasons on thin-film ferromagnetic structures.

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