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Neuroscience for medicine and psychology. From the editors


E. V. Loseva – President of the Congress, Dr.Sc. (Biol.), Principal Scientist, Lab. of Functional Neurocytology, Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of RAS (Moscow). E-mail:
A. V. Savelyev – Organizing Committee Member of Congress, Senior Research Scientist, Deputy Editor in Chief of the Journal «Neurocomputers: development, application» (Moscow). E-mail:

In this paper the analytical review of the scientific school general concept, was formed the X International Interdisciplinary Congress «Neuroscience for medicine and psychology» (Sudak, Crimea) and the analytical review of the selected participants' reports, were published in the issue is contained. Inter-disciplinarity of most articles, making them interesting for a wide range of experts in various fields of neuroscience – from neurobiology to information sciences and engineering, is marked. In the latter case, the materials are particularly useful for of acquaintance technicians correctly with the peculiarities of living biological substance.

  1. Chechkin A.V., Savel'ev A.V. Nejrokomp'yutery' v 2012 godu: novaya paradigma // Nejrokomp'yutery': razrabotka, prime­nenie. 2013. № 7. S. 69–76.
  2. Loseva E.V. Stvolovy'e kletki dlya korrekczii nejrodegenerativny'x rasstrojstv // Nejrokomp'yutery': razrabotka, primenenie. 2013. № 7. S. 32–44.
  3. Materialy' X Mezhdunar. mezhdisczipl. Kongressa «Nejronauka dlya medicziny' i psixologii» i nauch. shkoly' «Dosti­zheniya nejronauk v nachale XXI veka» / Pod red. Losevoj E.V., Savel'eva A.V // Biomediczinskaya radioe'lektronika. 2014. № 4.

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