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Spatial and energetic characteristics of high power airborne DPSS lasers


A.V. Gutcul – Research Scientist, OJC «RPC «PSI» branch (SPb)
V.L. Moshkov – Head of Department 101 of OJC «RPC «PSI» branch (SPb)
P.A. Petrov – Research Scientist, OJC «RPC «PSI» branch (SPb)
D.Yu. Sachkov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Research Scientist, OJC «RPC «PSI» branch (SPb)
I.B. Smirnov – Head of Department of OJC «RPC «PSI» branch (SPb)
A.N. Solodnev – Head of Department of OJC «RPC «PSI» branch (SPb)

On-board location of the laser device makes strong demands both to its design – moderate dimensions, weight and to functional capabilities – absence of liquid cooling, vibration shock thermal and pressure stability. At the same time output characteristics – energy and angular divergence have to keep very good values. This article discusses the ways of increasing of output parameters of DPSS lasers based on Nd:YAG crystal pumped by diode laser arrays and emitting up to 160 mJ of energy at Q switched mode. Comparison of the laser beam characteristics with application of indifferent (flat) and unstable telescopic resonator was carried out. Four times decrease of the divergence angle (from 2 mrad to 0,5 mrad) was shown in second case. Near-field intensity distribution also became more homogeneous. Heat- and chillfproofing tests shown reliable laser operation at the wide temperature range from minus 60 to plus 50 degrees Celsius.

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