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Attitude stabilization algorithm for optoelectronic station OES 52


N.A. Voronin – Engineer, OJC «RPC «PSI» branch (V. Novgorod). E-mail:
S.A. Kapralov – Head of Department, OJC «RPC «PSI» branch (V. Novgorod). E-mail:

Based on the analysis of requirements to the consider optical-electronic system was made the decomposition of the problem to following components: determination of measuring disturbances; estimation the control object parameters; the disturbances compensate algorithms development. For each subtask, by means of structural mathematical modeling, chosen the most optimal algorithms, from the point of providing technical characteristics. The presented work result is a soft- and hardware system that provides three-axis field of view stabilization for multispectral electro-optical complex with maximum error about 30 arc. sec.

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