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Relativity of simultaneity of events in laser measurements with satellites of Earth


S.V. Dmitriev – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Department 211 of OJC «RPC «PSI» (Moscow). E-mail:

Relativity of simultaneity of events, as well as other relativistic effect – relativity of a course of hours, can find itself in laser measurements between the artificial satellites of Earth (ASE) and land points. High speeds of movement artificial satellite concerning Earth favor to it. For example, in days onboard hours of an artificial satellite of GPS system have relativistic lag of reference hours on Earth approximately on 7 microsec. In article the relativistic treatment of a high-speed aberration of light reflected by a moving retroreflector is given. This phenomenon is observed at a laser location from artificial satellite Earth. The high-speed aberration of light is considered here as a result of relativity of simultaneity of events. The offered relativistic model shows lack of a high-speed aberration at reflection from a flat mirror. It is shown that relativity of simultaneity of events can result in discrepancy of results of verification of onboard hours of an artificial satellite inter-satellite signals with results of verification by signals from a land standard.

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