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Spaceborne laser information-measuring systems


V.D. Shargorodskiy – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), General Product Engineer of OJC «RPC «PSI» (Moscow)
V.V. Sumerin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Department 02 of OJC «RPC «PSI» (Moscow)
S.V. Dmitriev – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Department 211 of OJC «RPC «PSI» (Moscow)
V.N. Grigoriev – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Department 212 of OJC «RPC «PSI» (Moscow)

Active development of space communication, navigation and remote sensing systems requires creation of new inter-satellite information transfer hardware. The main constraining factors for this technology are the limitations of a radio range. One of the breakthrough directions of space information transfer technology development is laser communication. In this paper results of two inter-satellite laser information transfer experiments are represented, high- and low- baud-rate. On the Russian segment of International Space Station a high baud-rate laser information transfer experiment was carried out. Information was transferred between on-ground site and ISS board on 622 Mbit/sec baud-rate. Second experiment considers workout of laser navigational-communication systems installed on GLONASS M satellites. The possibility of time-scale shift measurement between two users with 0.2 ns error and duplex information transfer with 80 kbit/sec baud-rate were demonstrated.

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