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Weakening the system properties of the two opaque stripes


A.S. Batoroev – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Leading Research Scientist, Institute of physical materials science of SB RAS. E–mail:
E.S. Sholohov – Junior Research Scientist, Institute of physical materials science of SB RAS. E–mail:

In the work of the study weakening of actions of the two screens as long horizontal stripes, consistently located on both sides of the line of distribution, with some breaks from it. The complexity of the analysis of the diffraction field system was the fact that it is analytically expressed in the form of fast oscillating integrals on areas in two planes. These integrals do not allow separation of variables and because of the rapid oscillations of the integrand constitute a huge challenge for calculations. By analytical transformations in the work we managed to overcome this difficulty, and bring the solution to the well-known solution for the diffraction problem on two half-planes (Millington who), which allowed to calculate and analysis of the wave field. The results revealed the deep lows field that indicates the possibility of the effective use of this system to weaken interfering wave fields. Also calculations of the borders of the effectiveness of this system in the spatial domain near the point of maximum attenuation in the frequency range near the main frequency of abating.

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