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Conceptual bases of informative medicine


A.E. Bessonov – Dr.Sc. (Med.), Professor, Scientific Leader, Scientific center of informative medicine of «LIDO», Moscow
E.A. Kalmykova – Dr.Sc. (Med.), Professor, Deputy General Director, Scientific center of informative medicine of «LIDO», Moscow

Researches by means of the analyzer of spectra «АIS-LIDO» register electromagnetic radiation of the vegetative centers, bodies and systems in a range of the highest frequencies (a millimetric range of lengths of waves), containing information to a component. It is confirmed, that in cellular protoplasm there are biochemical and biophysical processes to formation of free energy and generation of electromagnetic radiation in a millimetric wave band which represent normal current of a life, providing an information homeostasis. The basis of a background of the mechanism of maintenance of an information homeostasis, both separate cells, and their sets is put. The method information radio wave diagnostics (IRWD) and therapy (IWT). Implemented on the basis of technical means. Based on theoretical and applied framework information medicine. The Introduction method IRWD and IWT in scientific institutions and hospitals will allow on an objective basis to explore : - Influence pathogenic signals patient rights to the information humoral healthy Rights ; the patterns involve bodies and systems in pathological process. - The effect of the external environment (water, food, alcohol, tobacco, medicines, industrial toxic waste, etc.) on the status of information scenar rights. Realization of conceptual bases of information medicine will assist achievement: Reductions of time and expenses, more than in 5 times, at all stages of medical diagnostics; Formations, by results of diagnostics, the program of improving actions of specific bodies and systems therefore standards raise, both diagnostics, and treatment; Early diagnosis diseases that creates conditions for optimum and early carrying out of preventive course of treatment; To decrease in expenses for preventive maintenance, treatment and rehabilitation in 1,5 times at polyclinic and sanatorium stages of treatment; To reduction of timeframes of treatment of patients on all diagnosis 1,8 times.

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