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Scheme of linguistic signs in natural language texts


А. М. Potapenko – Ph.D. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Professor, Department of Information Protection and Communication Systems, South-West State University, Kursk, Russia. E-mail:
А. G. Yurchenko – Senior Engineer-Programmer, Сlosed Joint Stock Company «Scientific-Technical Center «Search IT», Moscow, Russia. E-mail:

The article examines the role model and display the structural elements of natural language texts based on linguistic signs.


  1. Potapenko A.M., Yurchenko A.G. Semioticheskaya model' yazyka // Neyrokomp'yutery: razrabotka, primenenie. 2014. № 6.
  2. Potapenko A.M., Khmelevskaya A.V. Problema izmereniya informatsii v zadachakh razvitiya infotelekommunikatsiy // Informatsionno-izmeritel'nye i upravlyayushchie sistemy. 2010. T. 8. № 7. S. 16-22.


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