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Discriminatory features acoustic running fixes localized objects of broadband radiation with a temporary method of processing of signals


K.P. Likhoedenko – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Department «Autonomous information and operating systems», Bauman Moscow State Technical University. E-mail: V.K. Khokhlov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Department «Autonomous information and operating systems», Bauman Moscow State Technical University. E-mail:

The discrimination characteristics for seeking of objects on a corner in acoustic direction finders of the localized sources of broadband radiations are investigated. On the basis of representations of casual signals in direction finder channels initial decomposition in a complex form the dependences for mutually correlation functions of inphase and quadrature components of signals in channels are received. For estimates of discrimination characteristics of direction finders of local radiators in the distributed hindrances calculations of the mutual stochastic characteristics of signals at the exits of reception antennas are carried out to functions from a corner of a bearing of object at various relations of base of a direction finder to the average length of a wave of radiation of a source. At calculations of dispersions of signals on inputs of antennas function of an orientation of reception antennas was assumed by the Gaussian. The model of a hindrance was presented by the local radiators which distributed in the horizontal plane. The object was represented by the local radiator located in the same plane, as a hindrance. Spectrum of radiation of object and a hindrance are coincide an also Gaussian. Discrimination characteristics of a two-channel acoustic direction finder with temporary processing of signals and unambiguity zones of the discrimination characteristics are investigated. The considered time correlation method of formation of the discrimination characteristic of a direction finder allows to carry out scanning by the main maximum of the directional pattern and tracking object by introduction of temporary delays of signals in channels.

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