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Improving performance of printed biconical antenna by use of artificial dielectric


A.S. Avdyushin – JSC «IRCOS»
A.V. Ashikhmin – Dr. Sci. (Eng.), professor, JSC «IRCOS»
Yu.G. Pasternak – Dr. Sci. (Eng.), professor, Voronezh Technical State University
S.M. Fedorov – Ph.D. (Eng.)
V.I. Chuguevskiy – Post-graduare student, Voronezh Technical State University

Aim of article is to study the possibility and efficiency of input resistance transformation of flat biconical vibrator in ultrawide band by coating it with metal electrically small plates located on both sides of thin antenna dielectric. Mathematical modeling showed that lowering an efficiency of antenna including losses in transformer foe researched frequency range from 0.5 to 3 GHz does not exceed 0.35 dB. Found that use of artificial dielectric in form of two-dimensional lattice of small plates (square shaped solid plates and a square framework) allows transforming the input impedance of printed biconical vibrator in ultrawide bandwidth and improving quality of its matching. Also, it was found that use of artificial dielectric can eliminate deep dip in radiation pattern of flat biconical dipole in normal direction to its plane in high-frequency operation area of antenna. Experimental study of proposed antenna model showed that use of artificial dielectric leads to improved antenna matching.

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