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Use of cylinders with anisotropic conductivity to simplify mathematical model of artificial dielectrics


A.S. Avdyushin – JSC «IRCOS»
A.V. Ashikhmin – Dr.Sci. (Eng.), JSC «IRCOS»
Yu.G. Pasternak – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Voronezh State Technical University
S.M. Fedorov – Ph.D. Voronezh State Technical University
V.I. Chuguevskiy – Post-graduate Student, Voronezh State Technical University

In this paper we study three-dimensional periodic structure consisting of thin, isolated from each other conductors with same recurring period in the direction of each axis, connected in crystal lattice. With help of switching elements of this artificial dielectric it can be created an electrically controlled lens, which can be used as a reflector in broadband reflective phased array. It was found that for ease of calculation of studied artificial dielectric models, the number of cells which can be very significant, with the coordinate location of its constituent wires which diameter is much smaller than their length, we can take into account only the longitudinal currents; the radial and azimuthal currents for each of the conductors equate to zero. Obtained S-parameters of artificial dielectric inside the metallic rectangular waveguide, calculated by taking into account all components of the current conductors, and with only longitudinal currents are slightly different from each other in the frequency band from 1.5 GHz to 2.5.

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May 29, 2020

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