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Investigation of characteristics of planar antenna arrays for SHF and EHF range based on strip structures of leaky waves


S.A. Antipov – Dr.Sci.(Phys.-Math.), professor of the chair of physic, Voronezh State Technical University. Е-mail:
D.N. Borisov – Ph.D. Sci. (Eng.), assistant professor of the chair of information systems, Voronezh State University. Е-mail:
D.A. Eroshenko – Adjunct of the chair of infocommunication systems and technologies, Voronezh Institute of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia. Е-mail:
A.I. Klimov – Dr.Sci. (Eng.), professor of the chair of infocommunication systems and technologies, Voronezh Institute of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia. Е-mail:
Y.B. Nechayev – Dr.Sci. (Eng.), professor of the chair of information systems, Voronezh State University. E-mail:

Significant progress in the development and application of compact electronic components and devices for wireless communication systems, wireless computer networks, radars and sensors of SHF and EHF bands necessitates the development of new compact and low-cost antennas with high gain. At the same time, design of efficient planar antennas for EHF of 30 GHz and more with the antenna gain (AG) exceeding 30 dB remains problematic. Good candidates for applications in the EHF range are leaky wave antenna arrays (LWAA)], characterized by simplicity and manufacturability of designs. However, despite notable success in the development of planar LWAA, there are obvious opportunities for improving their radiation efficiency and quality of matching to feeding transmission lines. The paper presents two new technical solutions LWAA of linear polarization, which are based on rectangular waveguide fed structures in the form of grounded dielectric waveguide (DW) with a periodic metal strip grating, featuring low reflection losses and high efficiency in the broadside radiation mode normal to the aperture. Principle of operation of the proposed LWAA is based on a known effect of conversion of surface electromagnetic waves propagating along the DW into leaky waves due to their scattering on a periodic diffraction grating. For the analysis of the radiating aperture a mathematical model is used, considering formulation and numerical solution of the dispersion equation for the complex propagation constant of the fundamental spatial harmonic in the structure. The computer simulation results prove that the new samples of the antennas provide low reflection losses at frequencies of the broadside radiation. The radiation efficiency of the antennas at the frequencies up to 37-37.5 GHz exceeds 50 % while the antenna gain is not less than 30 dBi. It is expected that the operating frequencies of such LWAA, while maintaining high efficiency of radiation, can reach 60-80 GHz.


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May 29, 2020

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