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Printed circuit board interlayer connection reliability


A.V. Turetsky – Ph.D. (Eng.)., associate professor, designing and manufacture radio equipment chairs of the Voronezh State Technical University. E-mail:

Printed circuit board radio-electronic means (REM) is an important structural element in ensuring on the one hand the mechanical connection of electronic components, on the other hand their electrical connection. Multilayer printed circuit board is a complex structure on a product containing in its composition many transitional interlayer compounds, as well as additional elements: resistors, capacitors, crystals. The reliability of the vias determines the reliability of the board, as well as the entire unit. Reliability via hole PCB depends on temperature soldering, it is necessary to assemble the components on the PCB. Temperature board assembly may be between 230–245 °C solder with tin-lead solder, and in the range of 265–280 °C for lead-free soldering. Furthermore, when subjected to the printing unit during the operation of mechanical impacts may occur a violation of the interlayer contact. The three properties of the resin to be improved to ensure the work tiveness and reliability of printed circuit boards with high temperature soldering with lead-free solders: is the glass transition temperature, Tg, the decomposition temperature, Td, and the coefficient of thermal expansion, CTE. Thus, the reliability of the vias in the PCB depends largely on the materials and manufacturing techniques . However, the robustness can be made as a result of laboratory tests test boards . In this procedure, a series of manufactured PCB technology adopted in the enterprise. Then these boards are subjected to shock, vibration and static loads corresponding to different operating conditions. The results are statistically processed and prepared the limit values of the mechanical characteristics of PCB manufacturing techniques and materials. In the future, these data can be used to obtain a reliability prediction RES.

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