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Reliability testing method interlayer compounds in multilayer PCBS mechanical effects


Z.H.M. Al-Araji – graduate student of the department of design and manufacture of radio, Voronezh State Technical University. E-mail:
A.V. Turetsky – Ph.Dr. (Eng.), associate professor designing and manufacture radio equipment chairs of the Voronezh State Technical University. E-mail:
S.J. Beleckaja – Dr.Sci. (Eng.), professor of Systems of the Automated Design and Information Systems, Voronezh State Technical University

By modern electronic means (EM) to meet strict requirements on reliability, resistance to climatic and mechanical influences. The task of creating such devices in a timely manner, coupled with their high complexity requires developers Shih rokogo use CAD / CAE / CAM systems. Among such systems are widely used by Russian enterprises can distinguish electronic profile Pro / Engineer, Solid Works, and others. Unfortunately, these systems do not allow to simulate the process of interlayer contact violations in the most important EM- node multilayer printed circuit board, containing in its composition as elements of an electronic circuit. Besides modeling this process seems difficult task, since the reliability of interlayer contacts depends on many factors: the type of conducting metal and dielectric layers, the thicknesses of these layers, manufacturing techniques, etc. To determine the reliability of vias are encouraged to use the laboratory testing of samples of multilayer printed circuit boards having a matrix interlayer transition- holes. Next test boards must be subjected to mechanical loads : static, vibration and shock . To expedite the testing process is proposed to use thermal cycling. Test Method for PCB manufacturing mechanical effects include specialized test board with metal protrusions corresponding to points on the board areas to be assayed. The methods for laboratory testing of printed circuit boards for reliability interlayer compounds consisting of 10 stages. The proposed technique using laboratory testing of printed circuit boards can significantly accelerate the development of products, as laboratory tests conducted at the company once, and then these findings can be used for other developments. Applying the same process modeling stage design study reveals basic mistakes without manufacturing costly prototype.

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