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Innovative development paradigm of JSC «Concern «Vega»


V.S. Verba – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, general director – general designer of JSC «Concern «Vega»

The article reviews the main mechanisms used for structure optimization of radio electronic industry as one of the most significant and knowledge-intensive segments of real sector of economy. It was created a range of integrated structures uniting enterprises from all country on profile activity. It underlines the main features of the Vega joint stock company for transition to innovative way according to the approved Strategy for long-term period. It was considered the activity of the Vega joint stock company of scientific and technical reserve creation and research and development realization. In the article there are a range of examples of infrastructure projects that can be used for production and new technologies creation. The special attention was paid to development and production of civil products on existing centers of competence and to resource ensuring activity of the Vega joint stock company for the main directions. It focused on creation of the intellectual property management system and on scientific and technical, administrative reserve preparation.

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