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Newest neural computer opthalmic communication analogy in the function anathomy of an eye as brain similarity


N. A. Novoselova-Savelyevа – Ophthalmologist, Bashkir State Medical University, clinic № 40, Ufa
A. V. Savelyev – Senior Research Scientist, Editor of the Journal «Neurocomputers: development, application», patent agency «©Uniquely honest patenting», E-mail:

In the article the phenomenon of paradoxical neuroanatomical structure of the retina, which consists in the arrangement of photosensitive elements in the lowest layer of the retina, as viewed from the light and efferent output video information for the axons are not photosensitive etementy and forth in front of them is discussed. Methods to explain this paradox are proposed. Conclusions are drawn about the nature of the ontogenetic structure of the retina by a single mechanism of the genesis of the brain and eyes during ontogeny. In addition, the network of “wires”-axons, lying on top of the sensitive layer and located beneath layers of ganglion and bipolar cells and their synaptic layers may serve as a perforation of the optical aperture correcting pretreatment with stochastic distribution gaps. The questions used in the authors patented bionic vision correction devices are considered.

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