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Neurophilosophy and new relationships transdimensions


A. A. Koblyakov – Professor, Dean of Composer Department of Moscow State Сonservatory n.a. P.I. Chaikovsky, member of Composers’ Union, Cinematographers’ Union, Government of the Moscow branch of the Union of Russian Federation Composers, the Admissions Committee of the Union of Russian Federation Composers, the Cinematographic Arts Academy «Nika» (Moscow). E-mail:

As a consequence of the lack of fundamental subjects in the current scientific paradigm, in modern science is no universally accepted «subjective» models, such as the model of meaning, purpose, whole, synthesis, reflection, intuition, etc. It has recently become possible to create such models based on a new approach to the study of art, primarily of musical creativity. Found «subjective» models in musical creativity allow extrapolation to other areas of knowledge through a system-wide language of logic. The key to this «Logic creativity» are a new type of relationship, which we called «transdimensions» (abbreviated «TD» from «transdimensions»). In particular, transdimensions relations distinguish a Part from a Whole, a Whole from a Conglomerate, context from a-context, and its fixed meaning and purpose as orientation «from ... to ...», etc. It is important that transdimensions relations reveal the complex structure of the «simplest» of binary oppositions that underlie of language and thought. «Simple» is proved difficult, thus opening the way to overcome the dualism to multidimensional continuous logic! In accordance with the neurophilosophy traditions position statement are confirmed experimentally – through study of the brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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