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The basic properties of linearly folded binary signals


P. S. Volkov – h.D. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Center of information technologies in design of the Russian Academy of Sciences
S. S. Volko – Ph.D. degree seekers, Closed Joint Stock Company «RadioTel»

The paper presents the main properties of additive folded signals whose use in communication systems, including secured can have positive consequences for the detection and correction of burst errors in complex communication channels. In addition to the previously established properties of the expansion of the original message on levels of their correlation or decorrelation, connection of convolutions of opposite directions is established, simple algorithms of decorrelation of linearly folded binary signals, analytical expressions for aggregates packs shifted messages based on their correlations are gained. The basic approaches to obtaining error syndromes for a case of transmission of folded binary signals in opposite directions are formulated, their classification and mainly detailed specification are represented. Possibility of a major expansion of useful properties of such signals in the future is noticed and the directions of further researches are specified. As one of the most important directions for further researches of additive folded binary signals is supposed optimization of procedures to create such signals on the transmit side, coupled with efficient methods of their processing at the reception.
  1. Volkov P.S., Volkov S.S., Roshhin B.V. Razrabotka konczepczii pomexoustojchivy'x kodov na osnove linejnoj svertki peredavaemy'x danny'x // Trudy' mezhdunarodnoj nauchno-texnicheskoj konferenczii. M.: Uchrezhdenie Rossijskoj akademii nauk Centr informaczionny'x texnologij v proektirovanii RAN. 2012. S. 14-22.

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