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Spectral characteristics of sounds of speech at children having normal hearing, with faint hearing and stammer


T. A. Tarnovskaya – Ph.D. (Biol.), Associate Professor, Moscow Pedagogical State University. E-mail: A. A. Kosheleva – Teacher, Municipal autonomous educational establishment «Vidnovskoye artistically and technical lyceum». E-mail:

Emotional part of speech becomes apparent through prosody characteristics of speech coded with the help of acoustic means. Some information was published on using acoustic characteristics of speech to identify functional state and emotions of an adult in early ontogenesis (Galunov V.I,1979, Morozov V.P.,1977, Nushkinan E.А.,1986, Belovol Е.V.,1999, Chulkova N.U.,1999, Мidaeva E.Х., 2010 ). The question of age, sexual and individual peculiarities in the organisation of speech behaviour in the puberty period of ontogenesis had been investigated not enough. A complex investigation of biological maturity and acoustic characteristics of sounds of speech was conducted at children of 15, 16 years old (with normal hearing and some peculiarities in their developments–impaired hearing, stammer) and children of 8 years old (normal hearing). Speech sounds were analysed by means of sonograms and computer system «Signal Viewer». The level of biological maturity of children and juveniles corresponded to their calendar, but some individual, morphological and functional peculiarities were revealed at children of 15,16 years old. The character of the structure of speech signal at boys and girls with normal hearing in the concluding period of sexual maturity were different – frequencies of speech sounds of girls were moved into more higher region of high frequency spectrum (as at children of 8 years old). Temporal characteristics of sounds of speech at boys had more higher middle meanings than at girls (p≤0,05) and more wide range of individual meanings. Sexual and individual meanings of speech signals and temporal characteristics of speech sounds correlated with individual indexes of breath, type of a build and stage of sexual maturing. While amplitude characteristics of the speech sounds practically had no difference in puberty period of ontogenesis. While stammer time characteristics of sounds of speech diminished (p≤0,05). While faint hearing  spectral characteristics had some expressed details.
May 29, 2020

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