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Is there the «hard problem of consciousness»?


A. V. Savelyev – Senior Research Scientist, Editor of the Journal «Neurocomputers: development, application», patent agency «©Uniquely honest patenting», E-mail:

In the work with an unconventional point of view causes the problem unresolved of the primacy of matter or consciousness and its relation to the modern problem unresolved of brain between consciousness explanatory gap (BCEG) is treated. The relevant mutual dynamics of global development in terms of growth rate of scientific and technological progress and the vibrations from the dominant paradigm of materialistic dominance to the idealistic dominance and back are analyzed. As well as the fundamental question of philosophy was decided repeatedly in retrospect, and either the «unsolved» or even «unsolvable» BCEG problem is produced by its inattention to the decision 30 years ago by the Soviet physiological school or intentional direction to a standstill of the world physiological science. The essence of this decision is discussed, and its importance and influence on the world physiological neuroscience is analyzed. Based on previously made discovery explanting of paradoxical functional neuroanatomical structure of the retina (the explanation of its structure «flip» relatively to the afferent luminous flux) we consider the general possible mechanism of encoding information in the nervous system. Found morphological correlates of a fundamentally different mechanism of image processing, is fundamentally different from digitization principles were adopted in a technique. Based on a number of proposed methodological techniques there is convincingly assumed the generality of these mechanisms for processing signals of the brain at all. Feature of mechanism were opened by us is super-multiple duplication is irrationality with engineering standpoint; however that it may determine the diversity of the world and internal representations and, apparently, may be the material basis of consciousness and psyche. Thus, it can generate quantitative complexity of qualitatively new properties on their own intrinsic existence of ideal images. Concluded that we present at the next not paying attention to another decision of BCEG problem. The research was supported by RFBR in the research project № 07-06-11003, 08-06-11002.

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May 29, 2020

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