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Integrative neuronal activity: relationship between bioelectrical activity, neurochemical and neurophysical (conformational) processes at formation of memory engrams


B. V. Zhuravlev – Dr.Sc. (Med.), Professor, Head of laboratory, P.K. Anokhin Institute of normal physiology (Moscow). E-mail:

Objective: to reveal the relationship between the discharge activity and neurochemical and conformational mechanisms of memory formation in the process of learning in animals and humans. Our research has focused on the processes associated with the analysis of bioelectric activity of neurons in different brain regions in the training of animals (rabbits) feeding and defensive behavior on the classical model of conditioned reflex. In the experiments, more than 300 registered dynamics of neurons of the sensorimotor cortex and the dorsal hippocampus in intact (without anesthesia) rabbits. Both models start signals were audible clicks (4 in 1 sec) or tone, and reinforcement – food or electrocutaneous stimulation (ERS) of the hind paw of the animal. We used analysis of the temporal structure of the sequence of intervals between bioelectric signals (spikes) of neurons in the form of preparation interval histograms where abscissa took a logarithmic scale interval values. As a result, the data was found in the dynamics of the general pattern of bioelectric activity of neurons in the cortex and hippocampus upon presentation of animals launchers incentives and reinforcing effects, reflected in the fact that after 1520 combinations neurons switched to the regular activities of a single discharge, and the interval histogram was unimodal distribution. After 30-50 combinations could see short «activation» spikes before reinforcements, and then stopped generate neurons spikes. Almost 95% of the neurons of the cortex and hippocampus had the same laws of dynamic. In the absence of spike activity we used to microiontophoretic administration of acetylcholine neurons. Fact was discovered by the appearance of spike activity in neurons, which completely coincided in time and structure to the corresponding periods of the initial combinations (1520). In this regard, our data support the hypothesis Academician P.K. Anokhin of «integrative activity of neurons» based on the intracellular neurochemical processes. The report will be discussed neurophysical processes which are based not only on the classical ionic interactions, but also on the basis of liquid crystal structures of the brain, neurons, their membranes, until DNA.
May 29, 2020

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