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Time parameters when looking at emotional pictures of IAPS (gaze direction and duration)


A. Yu. Vasanov – Researcher, Federal State Institution of Science Institute of Psychology RAS (Moscow). E-mail:

Adaptation of the stimulus material used by IAPS-database authors showed the presence of cultural specificity in the estimates of the «force», «valence» and «dominance» of images (13). The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of hedonic valence and arousal on the temporary parameters characterizing changes in oculomotor activity. As an incentive, 70 images were selected from the IAPS. The set included 30 neutral (Val = 5.304, Ar = 3.601), 20 pleasant (Val=6.804, Ar = 4.594) and 20 unpleasant (Val = 2.619, Ar = 5.526) images. The mean values were obtained from the results of the adaptation of IAPS on the Russian-language sample. Then, 21 images (7 in each category) from full set were selected. Each category contained 4 images of objects and 3 images of people. Presentation of images was made in random order. The total sample consisted of 34 people (22 women) aged 1827, university students. Presentation of images was made using stationary precision recording eye movements system «SensoMotoric Instruments» (SMI) HiSpeed (Germany). Images were displayed on the monitor ViewSonic VG 930m in experimental room in a distance 61 cm from the front of subjects with resolution 1280x1024 pixels. Time of presentation  6 sec.

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