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Monolithic integral microwave devices


V. V. Popov – Ph.D. (Eng.), General Director, JSC «Svetlana», St.-Peterburg
E.G. Biruleva – Engineer of 3nd categoric level of JSC «Svetlana»
O. S. Vartanov – Head of Laboratory, CJSC «Svetlana-Semiconductors», St.-Peterburg
V. V. Volkov – Head of a department of CJSC «Svetlana-Electronpribor», St.-Peterburg
V. N. Vyuginov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Director of CJSC «Svetlana-Electronpribor». E-mail:
M. I. Grozina – Design Engineer of 2nd categoric level, CJSC «Svetlana-Electronpribor», St.-Peterburg
A. G. Gudkov – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, MSTU named after N. E. Bauman, General Director “Hyperion” Ltd.
V. A. Dobrov – Head of a Department, CJSC «Svetlana-Electronpribor», St.-Peterburg
I. K. Evlampiev – head of department, CJSC «Svetlana-Semiconductors», St.-Peterburg
A. A. Zybin – Head of Laboratory, CJSC «Svetlana-Electronpribor», St.-Peterburg
V. P. Ivanova – Lead Engineer, CJSC «Svetlana-Electronpribor», St.-Peterburg
P. A. Petrov – Ph.D. (Eng.), JSC «Svetlana», St.-Peterburg
A. M. Savin – Head of Laboratory, JSC «Svetlana», St.-Peterburg
P. A. Shaganov – Engineer-Designer, CJSC «Svetlana-Electronpribor», St.-Peterburg

Basic elements of monolithic microwave integrated circuits are studied. Their electric parameters, construction and fabrication methods are presented. Results of two monolithic integral schemes of a broadband attenuator for a frequency range 3-5GHs, one of which has four discharges from 0,5 to 4,0 decibels, and other one has discharges from 8,0 to 16,0 decibels are presented. Both monolithic integral schemes are complied on the base of gallium arsenide, the sizes of chips are 1,76 mm by 1,22 mm. Findings of investigation of wideband protective device in monolithic integrated design are presented. Simulation data and topology analysis of monolithic integrated circuits are shown. Experimental research results are analysed. Development of switch SP4T based on p-i-n-diodes is presented for frequency band 0,4-8 GHz, loss less than 2 dB, isolation more than 35 dB, in ceramic-and-metal package 6×6×1,3mm for surface mount. Design and fabrication method of GaN transistors with gate length 0,5 µm, periphery 500 µm and 1500 µm are demonstrated. Measurement data of S- parameters is presented. Comparison with TGF2023-01 transistors (firm TriQuint Semiconductor) is realized. MIC SPST based on GaAs diodes is presented for frequency band 0,4-40 GHz, loss less than 1,5 dB, isolation more than 50 dB, die form. Series of MIC 6-digit phase changer based on p-i-n diodes is presented for frequency band 2-12 GHz, loss 10 2dB. Development results of radiation resistant chips of CMOS -drivers with the parallel and consecutive entrance interface are presented. There is made comparison with the management driver of MADRMA0001 by Tyco Electronics firm.

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