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Semi-insulating 6H-SiC wafers for modern electronics


A. A. Lebedev – D.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, FTI named after A. F. Ioffe, St.-Peterburg. E-mail:
S. V. Belov – FTI named after A. F. Ioffe, St.-Peterburg. E-mail:
S. P. Lebedev – Junior Research Scientist, FTI named after A. F. Ioffe, St.-Peterburg
D. P. Litvin – Research Scientist, FTI named after A. F. Ioffe, St.-Peterburg I. P. Nikitina – Senior Engineer, FTI named after A. F. Ioffe, St.-Peterburg. E-mail:
A. V. Vasiliev – Deputy General Director, Yu. N. Makarov – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), General Director
S. S. Nagalyuk – Leading Engineer
A. N. Smirnov – D.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Senior Research Scientist, FTI named after A. F. Ioffe, St.-Peterburg. E-mail:
V. V. Popov – Ph.D. (Eng.), General Director, JSC «Svetlana», St.-Peterburg
V. N. Vyuginov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Director, CJSC «Svetlana-Semiconductors», St.-Peterburg. E-mail:
R. G. Shifman – Deputy Director – Head of SCD, CJSC «Svetlana-Semiconductors», St.-Peterburg. E-mail:
Yu. S. Kuzmichev – Head of Laboratory, CJSC «Svetlana-Semiconductors», St.-Peterburg. E-mail:
N. K. Travin – Leading Engineer, CJSC «Svetlana-Semiconductors», St.-Peterburg. E-mail:
O. V. Venediktov – Engineer, CJSC «Svetlana-Semiconductors», St.-Peterburg. E-mail:

The research of SiC material for semiconductor electronics began in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) from the pioneer works by O.V. Losev, pursued in Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute in 1930-s. These studies were continued at the Ioffe Institute and at St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical Technical University “LETI”. Extensive studies of the electrophysical parameters of this material were pursued. Bulk SiC crystals, p-n structures, ohmic contacts, and mesa-structures were obtained and studied. Prototypes of many semiconductor devices on SiC were developed, such as Shottky diodes, field-effect transistors (JFETs and MESFETs), UV photo detectors, p-i-n diodes and IMPATT diodes. The technology of bulk semi-insulating silicon carbide (SI SiC) crystal growth, developed by the group of companies Nitride Crystals, was transferred to JSC “Svetlana-Electronpribor”, where the manufacturing of the wafers from this material is founded at the present moment. The complete technological cycle includes bulk crystal growth, multi wire slicing, double side lapping, polishing, and CMP. The SI 6H-SiC wafers, developed by JSC “Svetlana-Electronpribor”, are approximately equal in quality to those of the other manufacturers. They can be used for SiC homoepitaxy, heteroepitaxy of III-N materials and for graphene films production. The results of the research were presented at the 1-st Russian-Belorussian scientific and technical Conference “The Russian Radio Electronics Element Base”, devoted to the 110 anniversary of O.V. Losev’s birth, held in Nizhny Novgorod, September 11-14, 2013.

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