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Some trends in the development of electronics and magneticferrite technology


B.M. Lebed – Dr.Sci (Eng.), professor, Chief Scientist of Ferrite Domen Co.
N.P. Milevsky – Ph.D. (Eng.), Chief Scientist of Ferrite Domen Co.
O.V. Trekhovitsky – Head of Laboratory at Ferrite Domen Co.

A brief analysis of development of magnetic electronics and ferrite manufacturing and application technologies is given in the article. In the current discourse a thesis is forwarded which is stating that the rapid development of semiconductor microelectronics noticeably forced down significance of the magnetic electronics and ferrite technologies, especially in the "intellectual" constituent of electronic equipment. In the frames of the discussion are considered the ferrite phase shifters, as an example which in the most vivid way expresses the thesis in view. The authors believe that not all the application potential of the ferrites is exhausted. In the article is reported a development work in which was undertaken a research of Faraday type phase shifter , which uses : ferrite material with a narrow hysteresis loop; round ferrite rod as a dielectric waveguide; control cell, which is based on the operational VV type amplifier; setting of the new phase shift state by direct transition from the previous one, without intermediate setting to «zero» phase state. Due to the research it became possible to reduce by 1.5 – 2 orders of magnitude the control energy needed to put the phase shifter into the new phase shift state while retaining its basic electrical parameters.

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